Matt Hutchings

Professor of Molecular Microbiology at UEA

Nicolle Som. BBSRC-funded postdoc working on the MtrAB two-component system in Streptomyces bacteria.

Neil Holmes. BBSRC-funded postdoc working on antibiotic discovery.

Jake Newitt. BBSRC-funded PhD student stydying the role of Streptomyces bacteria inside wheat roots.

Lucas Balis. PhD student studying the role of nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in Streptomyces bacteria.

Here is a list of all the talented young scientists that have worked here and moved on

Rebecca Devine. BBSRC-funded PhD student using CRISPR/Cas9 to discover novel antibiotics from the talented strain Streptomyces formicae. Co-supervised with Prof Barrie Wilkinson.

Sarah Worsley. NERC-funded PhD student working on the interactions of actinomycete bacteria with leafcutter ants and plant roots.

Sam Prudence. NERC-funded PhD student working on the role of type VII secretion in Streptomyces-plant root interactions. In collaboration with Prof Tracy Palmer

Tom McLean. BBSRC-funded PhD student undertaking a global anaylsis of two-component signal transduction networks in Streptomyces venezuelae. Co-supervised with Prof Barrie Wilkinson.

Jacob Hamilton. BBSRC-funded PhD student mining ant associated strains for novel antibiotics. Co-supervised by Prof Barrie Wilkinson.